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I'm sure most have heard of Upromise, but if you haven't or if you're not currently a member, I definitely recommend joining. It's perfect for those of us who have children who will someday attend college (like me!) and for those of us who have outstanding student loans to pay off (like me!). Basically, you do everyday shopping as you would normally do and you earn rewards in the form of money for college or loans, usually on top of the savings that you're already getting.

Upromise has lots of different offers and rewards programs of which you can take advantage. I think their most popular program is adding all of your grocery store cards and other store rewards card numbers (such as CVS!!!). If you purchase certain products, they will deposit some money into your Upromise account which you can then transfer to savings for college or loan payments. They also offer eCoupons for certain products each month. For example, this month they have an eCoupon for $.75 when you purchase Snyder's Tortilla Chips. I've selected that coupon, and if I purchase it at any of the stores where I have a rewards card that I've entered into Upromise, they add $.75 into my Upromise account. Pretty sweet, huh?

Another really neat program I just learned about is their e-Rewards Program. You can enroll in this program for free once you've signed up for Upromise. You then respond to the e-Rewards Surveys and earn e-Rewards Currency which can be converted to Upromise money once you reach a certain threshold. For example, $25 e-Rewards = $5 Upromise, $50 e-Rewards = $20 Upromise, and $100 e-Rewards = $50 Upromise. I think that's pretty good considering I just earned $6 in e-Rewards for filling out a couple very short surveys in about 3 minutes!

Beyond this, there are a ton of other great ways to earn money for college through Upromise. If you haven't signed up, you definitely should. It's free money!!!

Want to sign up for Upromise?

  1. Go to the Upromise website and sign up for your account.
  2. Then enter all of your rewards shopping cards - grocery store, CVS, etc.
  3. To sign up for the e-Rewards, go to Earn Rewards drop-down and select More. You should then see the e-Rewards information. Click there and sign up.

See? Totally easy to do! Now get to it :)


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    wow great job! I love the ladder bookshelf I have one of those too.
    I'd love to have a mini tv by my computer another great idea.