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Search & Win

How many times a day do you search the web for something? At least once, right? How would you like to earn $$ (well, in the form of gift cards) for doing something you already do? Of course, you'd love to, right? Right! Enter Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is an online search engine powered by Google and Ask. Instead of going through google.com or yahoo.com to do your searching, just go to swagbucks.com and get paid to surf. Collect enough Swagbucks and head to the Swag Store to cash them in. About 100 Swagbucks is usually good for a $10 gift card. It's really that easy!

In my experience, I get one denomination of Swagbucks per day. Sometimes it's $1, and sometimes it's $5. It's pretty random as far as I can tell. It usually takes 2 or 3 searches for me to get my daily Swag, but I still use the search engine for most of my daily surfing.

Besides searching, periodically they'll put out a Swag Code that will be worth $1 Swagbucks. I'll do my best to post these Swag Codes as soon as I learn about them, but you have to act quickly because the quotas are usually hit within hours.

In addition to searching and bonus Swag Codes, you can refer people and earn from the Swagbucks that they earn. So tell your friends, tell your coworkers, tell everyone, and earn some gift cards. I don't know about you, but I'll be using my gift cards to purchase items I would purchase normally throughout the year, and any savings is going straight towards my debt snowball. So, while you're not earning cash per se, you can still use Swagbucks to help with your budget.