Shaw's Deals

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Once again, Shaws is having a great stockpile sale this week! I was getting nervous because I was down to about 10 cans of soup, but thankfully, I'm now fully-stocked on soup, oatmeal, and cereal, and I have enough to donate a bunch as well.

I did a total of 4 trips this week so far, and I plan on going one more time tomorrow. Each trip was very similar to the two photos I'm posting here.

Using the $30 in Cats that I had from last week's deals, I've only used $24 of my $40 weekly budget ($9 of the $24 was spent on fresh fruit at the fruit stand), and I still have a $7 Cat to roll. So, that makes a $23 budget surplus this week. I definitely won't spend nearly that by Friday, which is great because there are more great deals on the horizon for next week! Woohooo! I love having a huge stockpile of goodies, especially during the winter when I don't feel like running to the market in the cold weather.


  1. Money Funk // January 14, 2009 at 11:25 AM  

    Great job! I would need a real pantry to house all that food! :-)
    Mmmmm.... oatmeal. It must be breakfast time for me. lol!

  2. Cent With Love // January 14, 2009 at 11:33 AM  

    Money Funk - I just have one of those heavy duty plastic storage shelves in my basement. It works perfectly! Any overflow will be going to charity - following in your footsteps of finally following through :) One trip was just $.20 of my own money. There's no reason why I shouldn't share the wealth. And a bunch of the oatmeal is going to my grandmother since she would normally pay $3.79/box!!