Debt Diet Review: Week 12

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I made it a point last week to get to the ATM and make sure that my envelopes were filled with the correct amounts of money. It really made it so much easier to stick to my budget, and I actually was under-budget in several areas!

Here's the recap of what was left in my envelopes at the end of last week:

Gas Envelope: $10 of $40
Child Care Envelope: $0 of $80
Grocery Envelope: $27 of $40
Dining Out Envelope: $7 of 40
Personal Cash: $6 of 70
Debit Card: $-75!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (teeny bit better than last week's $-90, so getting better. Again, this is just what I'm missing from my $250 tv fund)

Nothing really in terms of paying down my debt this week. Just regular payments on bills. The big 0% credit card payment was due this week, and that took up most of my bill budget for the week. I'm anticipating a good week next week, though. I should have some payments arriving from Mystery Shopping and hopefully some other Extra Income that I've been [im]patiently waiting for. I did have a couple teeny payments come in, but I'm going to lump them together once more comes in.