Week in Review

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Wow! It was a really, really fun week here. I'm starting to reap the benefits from the work I've been putting in the past couple of months. And, really, it's not a lot of work; it's actually quite fun!

Completed: Here is a list of offers that came through this week. This includes those offers with an immediate return and those on which I've been waiting for a payout:

  • $50 from ING for new Checking Account

  • $10 Rebate from Kellogg's Mini Wheats

  • $50 from ING Sharebuilder for DH (net $45)

  • $28.31 Half.com Book Sale

  • $15 Rebate from Cookie Magazine for ordering Barbie products on Amazon

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card from Mypoints.com redemption

  • $15 FTD Gift Card as a bonus for Mypoints.com redemption

  • Famous Footwear Loyalty Card arrived

  • Free Stamps sheets from Stamps.com

  • 50 Free prints from Artscow.com

    Total Monetary Gain for Week: $218.31

Started: Here are the offers/deals that I've started. Once they're complete and I've received the money or product, I'll post them in the section above.

  • Free Swagbuck codes entered

  • Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes entered

  • Freebie: Cream of Wheat

  • Sharebuilder Accts for Me and DD

  • Shutterfly ShareASite Account

  • LOTS of Mystery Shops

  • Freebie: Self and Woman's Day Magazines

Savings: This is something new that I'm doing. I've decided to break down where I've saved money during the week. I think putting forth the extra effort to save on every day items is a huge help when sticking to a budget and trying to pay down debt. I save a lot of money by keeping a stockpile of groceries and health and beauty aids (more on stockpiles later), but I also save lots of money elsewhere. Rarely do I purchase anything without using a coupon!

So, here's where I saved this week:

  • $237.75 Shaws Groceries

  • $9.99 Photo Offer

  • $8.79 Uno's Loyalty Program

  • $26.96 CVS

  • $5 Babies R Us Loyalty Gift Card (not sure where this came from)

  • $6 Staples Loyalty Program

    Total Saved this week:


  1. Christine // January 11, 2009 at 1:44 AM  

    Very cool week. I like the payouts. Sweet. Same with the savings, too.

    I see you changed your layout. It looks nice. :-)

  2. Leah // January 11, 2009 at 7:30 PM  

    You're already above your $200! That's just amazing. I love the blog facelift, too!