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Save 20% on Photo Merchandise

Being a photographer and a mom of a 2 year old little girl, you can just imagine how many photos I've taken. Thousands upon thousands of them. 99% of them are stored on my computer, and triple backed up to DVDs and external hard drives. I've shared most of them with family thanks to email and online hosting sites, but honestly, I haven't been able to keep up with getting them printed, due to the cost of printing such a huge quantity.

So, I made a resolution to get my favorites from each month printed. Also, some of my older family members don't have computers, so the only way they're able to see them is if I have printed copies. Additionally, it's just good insurance to have printed copies in case all of your backups are destroyed (and you should have several digital backups of your photos, just in case. It's even a good idea to give a digital copy to another family member. You never know!)

Honestly, what good are photos if they're not around to look at and enjoy for years to come, which is just just another reason to print them. Sure, the digital technology wasn't around when our grandparents were young, but what if people hadn't taken the time to make copies from their negatives? It's kind of the same thing as storing all the photos on your computer and not printing them. Five years from now, you're not going to dig out a DVD of photos so you can show a favorite photo to a friend. It's just easier and more homey to have a framed photo in your living room. It's also a good idea to have a couple extra copies if you plan on scrapbooking!

The good news is that there are lots of photo printing companies who offer their services and products for FREE!!! Some companies offer 20 free prints, while some offer 50 just for signing up. Kodak Gallery is offering 75 Free Prints when you join! In addition to the free prints, you can combine free shipping codes and other free photo product offer codes to start printing all of those photos you have stored on your computer and sharing them with friends and family. You may also be able to pick up the prints for free at local CVS and Target stores.

I'll be taking advantage of all the offers I can find so that I can hopefully get caught up on printing my favorites of my daughter from the past 2+ years. Then, I'll move on to the rest that I have archived. Lots!

I will also share all of these offers with you, especially when they're super-duper, beyond-belief, extra-special offers, like this one: Get 75 Free 4x6 prints when you join the Kodak Gallery! You can pick these up at CVS and Target, too!

There will always be good offers highlighted in my sidebar, so click on any of the links, gather your photos and start printing all of the memories :)