Debt Diet Review: Week 11

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For some reason another week went by and I didn't get to the ATM until Tuesday...which means I didn't put cash in my envelopes until Tuesday...which means I used my Debit Card for purchases up until Tuesday. Overall, there wasn't any real budget damage because I just deducted what I had spent from my ATM withdrawal, but let me tell ya, I felt very out of control of my money not knowing how much in each category I was still able to spend.

Here's the recap of what's left in my envelopes:

  1. Gas Envelope: $0
  2. Child Care Envelope: $0
  3. Grocery Envelope: $0
  4. Dining Out Envelope: $0
  5. Personal Cash: $0
  6. Debit Card: $-90!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the balance isn't negative, but I'm just missing this amount from our tv fund. Not too bad since it was -$130 last week. Somehow I made up $40 of this. And I have an extra $50 in my emergency fund. So technically, I'm only -$40 in the hole. And I figured out why - I had to buy DD tap shoes and tights the week before last and used my debit card. At least all money is somewhat accounted for.)

Card #3 - Balance = $0!!!!!!!!!

I called in to see what my balance on card #3 was, just to see if any extra income would help me pay it off this upcoming week. My balance was only $77.99 and not the $118 I thought it was. Woohoo!!! Goal Achieved! On to card #4. Again, another small balance, but one less thing to pay each month when it's gone. And I'm already starting strong - just received a payment of $17.18 and put it right towards card #4. I love online BillPay!


  1. Money Funk // January 23, 2009 at 1:54 PM  

    CONGRATS ON PIFing Card #3!!!!!!! (clinking of the glasses)

    I love Bill Pay, too. In fact this morning, I went in and deleted all the PIF'd cards. Its a nice feeling to clean house on my finances!

    Great job! Tap shoes huh? Mine is hitting me up for Girl Scouts. Have a great weekend!