All My Ducks in a Row

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With the new year fast approaching, I'm really trying to get all of my ducks in a row. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We certainly did! And despite overspending a bit on our little girl, we didn't overspend on anyone else, nor did we acquire any new debt...yet. I say "yet" because DH and I will each be chipping in $250 towards a new LCD tv for our living room. Whatever is left is probably going on a credit card or sucking up some OT money that DH received from working during our recent ice storm. We haven't really figured it out, and it does depend on the overall cost of the tv.

Because I feel the need to justify this purchase, I will. Currently we have a medium-sized living room and a very large TV. Our living room has just one tiny wall without windows or a fireplace, leaving very few furniture configurations. Add in lots and lots of toys, a large sofa and a love seat, and well, we can barely walk in the room, nevermind feel cozy and comfortable. Plus, you can't see the tv from the loveseat, leaving very little room to watch tv. So, we need to move the big tv out and put the LCD above our fireplace. This will free up lots of storage space. Down the line, when we're in better shape financially and our little one isn't spilling everything everywhere, we'll replace our 10+ year old WHITE sofa set with something that fits the room better.

And furthermore, DH and I were supposed to buy a treadmill for each other last never happened. So, this is really a 2-year gift. Ideally, OT money is going to pay the excess, but again, the price of the TV will determine that. I don't expect the debt to be more than $600, though.

Beyond that, I'm just trying to nail down my financial (and personal) goals for 2009. I keep coming up with more and more, but I need to set a priority list and stick to it. I'll create a secondary list just in case the priorities get taken care of fairly easily.

I do need to post a bit of financial data, as well as some deals that I've started and received $$ from. Maybe I'll get to it tonight. First day back to work, and my head is spinning. :P