Week in Review

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This is my first official Week in Review. I really love how Money Saving Methods does this in her blog. Not only is it a great way to keep track of the offers and deals that I've taken advantage of over the past week, but it also helps put lots of great deals in one spot for you that may be interested. I'm not sure if I'm going to include grocery savings here, though. I think, at least for now, I'll just include those items where I've made a profit.

Here is a list of offers that came through this week. This includes those offers with an immediate return and those on which I've been waiting for a payout:

  • $25 - Rite Aid Rx Transfer

  • $52.99 - Bank of America Keep the Change Reward
Total: $77.99

Here are the offers/deals that I've started. Once they're complete and I've received the money, I'll post them in the section above.

  • Received and activated my Speedpass account. Should receive $20 credit in 6-8 wks.

  • Opened ING Checking Account. Received debit card. Need to make my 3 purchases and will receive $50 in account in 50 days.

  • Signed up myself and my daughter for the $50 Sharebuilder Bonus with $5 Invested

  • Opened a Delta Skymiles account. Hopefully this will help with a future trip to Disney World.

  • Signed up for Snapfish and took advantage of 50 free prints, a free 11x14 collage, and free shipping.

  • Signed up for Stamps.com and received $5 in free postage to use this month. Will be using this service for the next month to take advantage of their reduced rates - even cheaper than USPS.

  • Started counting my change to exchange for a gift card at Coinstar and receive an extra $10 gift card in a few weeks.

  • Started my CashCrate account for this month. Have already earned enough to receive a check with December's mailing.

  • Signed up with Treasure Trooper and responded to several offers. Have a little more to go to earn enough for a payout in December, but I'm almost there

    I'd say it was a pretty successful week. Earning almost $73 for very little time and effort is a great little reward, and I've started lots of little things that should add up over time.