$30 Shopping Trip

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Above is what I was able to buy today for $30. That means I still have $10 left to buy another gallon of milk and hopefully a few pieces of fruit. As you can see, there are no fresh fruits or veggies! We don't really need any veggies since we have lots frozen, but I'd like to grab a few apples and pears, maybe a few bananas. Shouldn't be a problem!

I was a little bummed since I bought lots of the Kraft products at Price Chopper with the hopes that I was going to receive a $10 Catalina. Nope! It didn't print for me. I guess this store goes on sale pricing and not shelf pricing. So, that put a little kink in my budget this week. I did just remember right now that I have $40 set aside for our weekly meal out on Thursday night - but this week it's Thanksgiving, so we won't be dining out. If I need a few extra $$ to make something for Thanksgiving, I won't feel bad pulling some money from that envelope. I'm just waiting to hear from my SIL what she wants me to bring. Obviously, I'm bringing the Bread Stuffing. :)

Dinners for this week are:
Friday: Shake & Bake Chicken Tenders, Baked Potato, Frozen Veggie of Choice

Saturday: Papa John's Pizza (normally, I'd make the pizza myself since it's more economical, but if you add Papa John's to your Facebook account, you get a coupon for a free medium pizza when you order any other pizza online - $6.99 for a small and medium pizza is pretty good)

Sunday: Grilled cheese and soup

Monday: Quick/Cheap meal out (yuck! I hate this meal. We run errands on Monday night, and it doesn't leave any time for cooking).

Tuesday: Marinated Chicken Breast, scalloped potatoes, frozen veggie of choice

Wednesday: Fend for yourself! I'll be making stuff for Thursday and won't feel like cooking a regular meal. There's plenty of things in the cupboard.