Three Deals for Today

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Today I was able to get to three different stores and walk away with a bunch of items spending very little of my own money. Two of the deals were very good, while the other was just so-so.

Let's start with the so-so...

2 CVS Diapers BOGO = 8.99
2 Life Fitness Fish Oil BOGO = 9.99
Milk = 3.29
4 M&M's BOGO = 6.58
1 Pk Gum = 1.19

Total: 30.04
Used $5/15 Q + $24 ECBs, and $1.04 OOP, got back $6 ECBs for the 4 bags of M&M's
Loss of $18 ECBs - OUCH.

That loss of ECBs hurt. Easy come, easy go, I suppose. DH needed the Fish Oil pills, and I figured I'd give the CVS dipes a try. I still have $24 ECBs on this card, so it shouldn't be too difficult to build them back up.

Now onto some better deals. I can't decide which I like better. How about this one:

This was from Shaws:

Bananas = 2.26
2 Breads BOGO = 3.19
4 Kraft Slices = $10
4 Kraft Dressings = $6.66
= $22.11

Coupons used:
4 $3 off Kraft slices plus one other Kraft Product = 12.00
$5 Catalina
$1.50 off Bananas Catalina

And for my final deal, I actually got paid $1.50 to take this from the store!

They were BOGO at $5.99, and I used 5 BOGO Q's. I'm not sure how it ended up being $1.50 in my favor, and I tried to tell the cashier that I didn't want it and that I didn't think it was correct; however, she had the manager come over and approve it and I walked out with my $1.50 and enough drink mix to last us a good part of the summer. I'll go back tomorrow to get another 12 with my remaining 6 Q's.