Menu Plan Monday

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This is my first time doing an official Menu Plan Monday post; however, I've been doing our grocery shopping for $50/wk or less for the past couple of months. I've slipped up here and there a couple weeks and spent a big more, but this is a huge jump from the $100 weeks I used to have.
Here's my plan for this week. I should also mention that I officially restarted WW today, so my plan is geared towards this:
Lunches (for me): Pita bread pizzas, Veggie Soup, Rice with Veggies (like the Birds Eye Steamfresh one), any leftovers
Monday: Chicken with Broccoli and Garlic Sauce over Rice
Tuesday: Marinated chicken with oven fries (or maybe out to eat at Taco Bell if we run errands)
Wednesday: Chicken Parm (ww style) with a side of pasta
Thursday: Out to eat
Friday: BBQ Chicken Pizza