Week In Review

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Here is a list of offers that came through this week. This includes those offers with an immediate return and those on which I've been waiting for a payout:

  • $50 from ING Sharebuilder for me (net $45)
  • $50 from ING Sharebuilder for my daughter (net $45)
  • $10 Target Gift Card from Pampers Gifts to Grow Program
  • $13 for Half.com sale
  • Freebie: Lacoste Perfume Sample
  • Freebie: Underjams Sample
  • Freebie: Splenda Sample
  • Freebie: Photostamp for Santa Letter (this actually came in a couple weeks ago, but I never posted its receipt)

Total Monetary Gain for Week: $113

Here are the offers/deals that I've started. Once they're complete and I've received the money or product, I'll post them in the section above.

  • Signed up and was approved for ShareASale
  • Sent away for free Wine for Dummies Book
  • Lots of Mystery Shopping- approx. $150 worth
  • Free Photo book from Artscow.com
  • 50 Free Prints from Artscow.com
  • Certificate for $50 Visa card for Dodge test drive