I know, I know

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EDIT: Sorry - I think this deal is already dead. The coupon code I received said valid through Jan. 15.

Okay, yes, I'm posting a ton today, but this offer expires tomorrow (Jan. 15) so I felt the need to share it!

Earn $50 Bonus when you Open a Chase Checking Account! Click Here for more details.

Some things to note to qualify for the $50 Bonus:

  • You must have an opening balance of $100
  • You must set up a monthly direct deposit within 60 days of opening your account
  • Your bonus will be deposited into your Chase Checking account 10 business days after first direct deposit
  • You must keep your Chase Checking account open for 6 months. Otherwise, they will debit the $50 if you close your account early
  • Offer is valid once per year per person