Debt Diet Review: Week 10

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I feel like my money was all over the place this past week. I'm trying to figure out exactly where it is and why. I'm missing $130 from my $250 TV fund. I really need to find out where that went. I guess it's my own fault for keeping it with my debit card money. We purchased the TV last weekend on our Circuit City credit card. Bad, right? But that was the plan from the beginning. So, I have a couple weeks to find the missing $130 before the payment is due.

Here's the recap of what's left in my envelopes:

  1. Gas Envelope: $0
  2. Child Care Envelope: $0
  3. Grocery Envelope: $8 + $14.50 to use in store coupons on whatever I want. Technically, this was $18 +$14.50 in Q's, but I snagged $10 for gas. We used a lot of my gas travelling to get the TV in NH (tax free!)
  4. Dining Out Envelope: $0
  5. Personal Cash: $0
  6. Debit Card: $-130!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the balance isn't negative, but I'm just missing this amount due to poor spending)
In other news, all of my credit card bills are beyond current. I paid an additional $115 towards card #3 today, making my balance just $118. Looks like I'll exceed my goal of paying this off by the end of February. Yeah, me! The good news is that none of this additional payment came from extra income this week. It was just snowball money because my EF is full (which I completely forgot about when deciding on goals!) in addition to the regular money I had put aside for bills.

I guess I could have put that $115 towards my $130 loss on my debit card, but I'm not getting off track paying off the debt due to my stupidity. If it comes down to it, I'm just going to need to tighten the belt on my Personal Cash for a couple weeks.

So, that's that. Can't wait for the next pay day! :)


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    Good job on the debt reduction!