Interesting Little Tid Bit

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Well, the deals have been sort of slow this week. I guess that can be expected after all of the excitement of Black Friday. Instead, I've been spending some time figuring out exactly how I'm going to pay down my debt as fast as possible. I love the idea from My Dollar Plan - just earn $1 each day above and beyond your regular paycheck. I definitely agree with the idea that the little things always add up and make a huge difference. And if you can make $1/day in just a couple of minutes, that's $30/month for about an hour of your time. Not too shabby. Furthermore, adding that $30/month extra to my Debt Snowball, will just make it melt all the more quicker; however, I think I'll be shooting a bit higher than $30/month. After my research, I think there are more opportunities out there, but I'll leave my detailed plan for another post.

Ah yes, that interesting little tid bit...I read this over on MoneyFunk. If you put $450 into an interest bearing mutual fund averaging 12 percent (the seventy-year stock market average) from the age 25 to the age of 65 and you will have $5,458,854.45. Holy smokes!!! I wish someone had told me that 8 years ago. That's just about my car payment now. Or my student loan payments. Crazy, huh?

Well, no use crying over lost money now. I suppose it's never too late to start, right? Which brings me back to my first point of this post. Get rid of my debt asap so that I can start saving for my future and live debt free SOON!