My New Love

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This is my new best least in the mornings and maybe some afternoons. After getting the wrong coffee or a coffee that was just plain horrible four mornings in a row at Dunkin' Donuts, I started looking for other options. I've gone the whole brew-at-home route before...many times - buying different coffees, different brewers, different filters, different scoops - and I always went back to going out every morning to get my coffee. Nothing could compare, and it would put me in a good mood...usually.

Several people recommended getting a Keurig. This machine, the B60, was about $126 with tax at Bed, Bath and Beyond after my 20% off coupon. Yes, it's a little pricey. So, I did the math. Going to Dunkin' Donuts or Honeydew every morning and getting a large coffee costs about $766, plus gas and time waiting in line. Once I find my preferred flavor of coffee, the K-cups (the little self-brewers used in Keurigs) will be $.40/ea or less, and it takes 2 K-cups to equal the amount of coffee in my DD's large, so $.80/day for the K-cups. But what about the milk and equal that comes for free in my DD coffee? Well, I get my milk for free every week at CVS, so that's taken care of, and I can get my Equal there for free too (and even if I can't, it will be about $3/month).

First Year:
$.80/day x 365 = $292 + $126 (Keurig cost) +$36 (1 year of Equal) = $454 - that's a savings of $312/year, or about 40% of my yearly coffeee spending.

Second Year:
$.80/day x 365 = $292 + $36 (1 year of Equal) = $328 or a savings of $438/year

I'm not justifying my expensive purchase, although this math did have a bit to do with my decision. Now that I've tasted the coffee, it's a no-brainer. It's as good as or better than my regular morning coffee. As my husband put it "It doesn't have that home coffee-maker taste" - and you know what I'm talking about.