Hi, so nice to meet you :)

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Welcome to my life!

What I plan to write about and share with all those who choose to read is how I provide my family with healthy foods and stable living accommodations, while still managing to keep a low budget. How do I plan to do this? Just by writing about what I encounter in my everyday life when I'm trying to stretch my dollar as thin as possible. Some things you might read are:

1. How I go to CVS 5 times a week to get hundreds of dollars worth of health and beauty goods for less than a dollar

2. How I try to feed my family a healthy, well-balanced diet on just $40/week, including meal plans, recipes, links to coupons, and any other way that I can think of to keep my food budget to a minimum

3. How I try to get my husband to get on board with me on this wild adventure of frugal living :)

4. And many other entries that I'll write as they occur in my everyday life and will hopefully help to save you money!

So, stay tuned, I have lots to write about :)